Monday, May 11, 2009

All Trussed Up

In spite of the rain, the new garage at the Chicken Ranch is taking shape. The foundation and floor was poured a week or so ago; but we had a few days of rain delay. The framing is going quite quickly -- walls late last week, trusses today. The roof sheeting will go down tomorrow and by week's end we should have a finished roof!

This progress is especially pleasing to me in regard to gardening season. I just might be able to get tomatoes in the ground without losing any time. The contractor says the garage may be complete by June 1st. Last year on June 1st I was still planting tomatoes! Our last average day of frost is Friday -- and Mother Nature is taking that to the wire this year...there is a freeze warning for tomorrow night! So I'll be hauling in the Fuschia and Petunia hanging baskets, and the couple of tomato plants that I couldn't resist at Farmer's Market last Saturday.

I really had to temper myself since I'm not sure where the tomatoes are going. I bought four plants - two cherry types for pots; a Sugar Sweetie and a Honey Bunch grape. Both are early and claim to do well in pots. Let me know if you have any experience with these -- they are both new to me.

The other two are a Juliet (a cherry roma type) and a Heinz (sauce/paste). We love the roma types - perfect for grilling and freezing. I've had great success with Juliet in past years; but the Heinz is a new variety for me. I put the cherry's in pots over the weekend (and I'll be hauling those in the house tomorrow too!); and am waiting to plant the others. I still want a couple Orange Blossoms, and an Early Girl or two, but I need to see what develops for garden space!

Finally, we are celebrating a Happy Hatchday this Friday for our Girls. They will be 1 year old. We're having a little party -- champagne of course and a few appetizers (chicken wings and deviled eggs); plus Chicken Kitchen is whipping up a special Hatchday Cake for the Girls --creamy Italian polenta with a cottage cheese icing and cracked corn sprinkles on top -- they are going to love it!
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