Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chicken Kitchen

Our chickens are spoiled. Not that it comes as any surprise -- we happily find another chair to sit in when occupied by one of the cats. But the "girls" really have it good. Everyday they get an extra special treat, prepared especially for them from Chicken Kitchen.

What may seem like lowly fare to some is quite divine dining to a chicken. Take cabbage for instance. By and large people don't eat cabbage unless it is drenched in mayo ala cole slaw; or it happens to be St. Patrick's Day (and then it's really only decoration on the plate). But to a chicken, well it just doesn't get any better -- unless it comes mixed with cracked corn.

The girls happily consume whatever leftovers they are presented with: rice, beans, spaghetti, fruits, veggies - whatever. I've been know to ask friends after a dinner out if they are going to take their "leftovers" home, because the girls would love those refried beans!

It really is "girls gone wild" when they see me coming to the coop with a big plate of rice and left over brussel sprouts. A spirited soccer match usually erupts as someone takes off with a prime sprout.

We are pretty careful about what goes in their beaks -- no meats, no onions, no garlic (who wants onion/garlic flavored eggs?) since we are eating their by-products. And we have debated the feeding of leftover scrambled eggs (which they devoured in 37 seconds). Regardless, I can tell you that they have very well developed palate and a taste for the gourmet!


  1. Don't you think their is some sort of moral dilemma to be considered when feeding the chickens LEFTOVER SCRAMBLED EGGS!? :)

  2. Well that is the current debate. However, as stated, they did not waste a second in gobbling up the "remains," so to speak.

  3. You really should market your eggs as "gourmet eggs" and get top dollar! I love that photo of your girls, they are so shapely. When you talk about them running to you for scraps, I can just picture them throwing their tiny chicken legs out in front, their feathery chest to each side and running for good stuff.

    Thanks for the link too!


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