Monday, June 21, 2010

Chicken Limits

The city of Coeur d'Alene recently overhauled its animal ordinances and included a pretty big change to its chicken laws.  Previously one could keep an unlimited number of fowl within city limits - as long as there was no rooster in residence; however the new law limits that number to three.  The Second Street Chicken Ranch is currently two over limit. 

If you have chickens or are thinking of raising chickens, I would ask that you attend the open meeting on this topic today, Monday, June 21, noon, at the CdA Library.  City Councilman, Mike Kennedy will listen to concerned citizens about this new law.  It sounds like they may consider raising the number - since it was an arbitrary number they selected.  Some are rallying that the number be raised to a dozen, but I would be very happy with 6 to 8.  But, unless we speak out, we will be limited to just three. 

Here is an article from this morning's CdA Press .  

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  1. Candace - someone sent me a link to your site. I can't recall if you were there today or not but thanks for getting involved in this issue. I'm by no means an expert on urban farming or chickens but I'm open minded and I'm sure we can come to some accommodation. If you'd like me to meet with a few of you to bring me up to speed I'd be happy to. Email me at:


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