Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chick Limits May Rise!

It appears that CdA City Chickers may end up with a full hen house if yesterday's meeting of the City of Coeur d'Alene's General Services Committee is any indication.  According to a story in today's CdA Press ( ), the Committee is going to recommend to the City Council to reinstate the unlimited rule regarding the number of chickens one can own within city limits. Eggscellent.

The City Council will decide next Tuesday, July 20th, 6 pm in the Community Room of the CdA Library.  Let's do our best to fill the room in support of this.  Who knows - maybe spontaneous chicken dancing will break out!

This really is good news for those of us who are currently over the "three chick limit."  I know my girls will rest easier now that two of them may be getting a stay of execution.  I am a little disappointed that Mike Kennedy didn't visit our coop - I really wanted to ask him which Council Member was going to come over and do the "dirty work" if the limit remained in place. 

As long as we chicken owners are responsible, keep our birds healthy and sanitary, there should be no issues.  And we appear to be doing just that as Ron Edinger stated that there were no complaints on file about chickens within the city limits.

I am planning to be at the City Council meeting next week - hope to see you there as well - since birds of a feather... well, you get the idea.


  1. Candace - I actually stopped by your house this Sunday and knocked on the door - no one was home and I didn't have your cell phone number. I did visit a few other people, and drove around to some places where I had learned there were coops to see what I could see from a neighbor's perspective. All seemed quiet as could be from where I sat. You have a lovely well-kept home.

  2. Nice going! Here's hoping you can continue to enjoy your chickens.

  3. Mike, Sorry we missed you! We were on the lake all day Sunday. Glad you were able to see some coops and you are still welcome to come by again! Looking forward to the meeting next week - and meeting you in person. Thanks again for your support and understanding on this issue!

  4. Thanks guys - I'm pretty certain that this issue will be resolved in a positive way next week. The thanks goes to the many other chicken owners who have voiced their concern - and to the City Council for listening and learning more.

  5. Candace - the ordinance was changed back last night to the way it was before - no limits on hens. There will continue to be a ban on roosters, and all other ordinances (noise, smell, etc) will apply. The vote was 4-1 with one council member absent. Thanks for your help in getting us educated on this topic and the constructive input from all the urban chicken owners. I learned some good things on this issue. Regards,

    Mike Kennedy


Thanks for reading and sharing your comments! Candace

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