Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sadness in the Coop

Harriet as a pullet
We lost another girl over the weekend.  Harriet the Australorpe died in her sleep sometime Sunday night. 

We noticed a change in her earlier in the summer but thought it was due to molting.  Unlike Buttercup, who died suddenly and appeared to be in good health, Harriet had been showing signs of failing.  Her comb and waddle were very pale (always a bad sign) and she would often "retire" early to the roost. 

Once again I did a thorough inspection of each bird looking for mites or lice, checking body weight and overall appearance and thriftiness.  The coop and pen has been cleaned out.  I've been searching online trying to figure out what could have caused her down turn.  

"Sometimes chickens just die, and it's best to have a funeral and move on," was a quote I read in one forum.  We thought "Harriet the Aussie" was a pretty spectacular girl.  She was by far the biggest in our flock with her striking black-green feathers.  Rest in peace girl.
Harriet  Photo Credit Shawn Gust CdA Press


  1. That's so sad. I often worry about losing one of mine.

  2. Everyone else is doing good, so I'm hoping that this was an isolated case. Thanks for your comments.


Thanks for reading and sharing your comments! Candace

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