Monday, September 26, 2011

Crowd Sourcing to Get the Job Done

The following bit of photojournalism captures the daily activity inside the Coeur d'Alene Coop.  Madge is quite the attraction to the younger girls when she in on the nest.  I wish I could have recorded the "chicken purring" that occurred during this session!  

Who knew chicken's crowd-sourced this daily hen-house activity?

Hmm, maybe I could use a little input...

Yes, I agree...we need a few more like minds in here...

Everyone, please, come in and have a seat...

Standing room only!

The finished product...job well done one and all!


  1. Hi - ok I am reluctantly starting to accept that summer is over (although I want it known that I am NOT happy about it!!).

    Any suggestions on which heated water bowl to purchase? I bought one but Amazon's reviews were so bad I took it back before I used it.


  2. Hi Clair, We use a heat lamp inside the coop when the temps are consistently below 20. It's placed right over the water container so it keeps both the birds and water thawed! D&B has a heated water unit that looks like it would work well - but it's bigger than what we need for our coop/ckickens. The heat lamp was worked for us and only a few times have we had icy water - never frozen solid. Keep me posted on how your girls do. Candace

  3. Hey Happy 2012! I miss your regular posts! Well looks like we are both under storm girls are terrified of the white stuff and you can see them all "egging" each other on as to whom will go out first! AND YET they are laying more than they have done in months!
    Anyway problem solves.....old biscuit tin, light bulb, buried in ground ($7 to make) - non frozen water!

    Clair (local chicken rancher)

  4. Hi Clair! Happy 2012 to you too! I have been out of the country for a couple of months, but my house sitter says our girls are doing great! Glad you solved your water problem (and inexpensively too!). The CdA Coop blog will be moving to WordPress this spring and I'll be back with regular posts on the garden and the girls. Here's our current blog: Thanks for your comments and think spring! Candace


Thanks for reading and sharing your comments! Candace

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