Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chicks of a Different Feather

Last month we spent two wonderfully warm and sunny weeks in Mexico along the Pacific coast about 60 miles north of Puerto Vallarta.  We love exploring Mexico off the beaten path - you really see and learn so much more.  One of the best places to experience "real" Mexico is at town market.  These are usually held once a week around the town square.  No matter how small the town, they ALL have town squares or zocolos!   We were delighted to learn that a small community nearby had a weekly market.  So off we went!  

Their markets are very much like our farmer's markets - a place to buy and sell produce, meats and livestock, eat yummy food and talk with neighbors.  The market at La Penita had a fair amount of crafts and "tourist" trinkets given it was in a beach town -- but there were still plenty of locals stocking up on everything from tube socks to tools.  

As we made our way down the long row of tarp covered stalls we came upon this sight -- something I haven't seen in probably 40 years!   Dyed Chicks!   

I was stunned!  Of course I wanted one - if for no other reason than to rescue the poor thing from the heat!  Some may remember that at one time, chicks of a different color were available in the US.  Woolworth's and Kresges Five and Dimes (okay, I've dated myself!), used to sell colored chicks around Easter. 

In addition to these, the vendor had crates of "natural chicks," bunnies, duckling and puppies! 
Later while walking back through the market I saw a woman holding a clear plastic bag with a blue chick in it - it's tiny head sticking out of the top.  I'm pretty sure that blue biddy didn't make it back to the casa!

Around the corner we found this restaurant - roughly translated to "Chicken Little's."  I wondered if the colored pollito's were on the menu!! 


  1. I saw some of these this last Easter and thought they were interesting! Crazy thing to think of~

  2. Interesting. I've never seen the dyed chicks. Don't think I'd like it.


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