Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hatch Day Happenings

What a happy Hatch Day we celebrated last week!  As you can see in the photo - the girls really enjoyed their polenta cake with cottage cheese "frosting."   Like any group of two-year-olds, they were soon covered in it and standing in it to boot! 

And as any good mother hen would do, I made sure that they didn't eat it all at once -- good to save some for later.

Our guests had a equally good time, if 12 bottles of wine amongst 10 people is any indication. You'll notice I'm not posting any of those photos!  

I did receive a fabulous Hatch Day gift from my good friends Sandy and Jack - check out our newest addition to the flock.  She's a heavy metal chick and sure looks great in the garden!

Speaking of the garden, we had our first salad of the season this week - baby arugula, mesclun, radishes and chives.  I tossed a packet of arugula and mesclun in a raised bed just before we left for vacation in April -- I'm so glad I did!  The rest of the cool crops are coming along - the kale, beets, chard, spinach and pak choi are still tiny sprouts; and the potatoes in barrels are popping up too!  My tomato starts are so tiny that I am going to buy plants from the farmer's market.  I'll be starting those tomatoes in February next year!   

Here are a few photos of my raised beds and a couple of "before and after" images from the garage project last summer.  Let me know how your garden is doing!

The old shed and the new garage!  Hot tub gone - chicken coop in its place!
Former and current garden space.


  1. Really looking great! Love that metal chicken for your yard.
    Our chicks will be one year old on June 1st. We should have a party also. And definitely include some wine. :-)

  2. Yes, you should have a party! What a great excuse to drink champagne and sit in the garden (as if we really need an excuse to do that!). :)

  3. Please consider coming to the city counsel meeting Monday June 21 and noon to try to change the CdA ordinance only allowing 3 chickens per household.


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