Friday, October 15, 2010

Watch Out for Jack Frost

It's amazing, it's October 15th and our garden is still going strong.  We've been laying plastic sheeting over the tomatoes for the last two nights, but so far we haven't had any frost.

I think that is about to change this weekend.  If you still have an abundance of green tomatoes like we do, you might want to cover those tonight.  Just about anything lightweight will work - sheets, plastic garbage bags, 5 gallon buckets (great over pots).  

If they make it through the frost, the next step is to pull those tomatoes and hang them in the garage (or basement) so the remaining green toms ripen.  Or you can pick the greenies, wrap them in newspaper and pack in a cardboard box.  They will ripen anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.  I've done it both ways and have had luck with each method.

I'm not giving up on the garden yet, but it is probably time to say goodbye to the tomatoes and cucumbers.  The arugula, spinach and lettuces, chard and carrots are just loving the cool temps and I'm loving the fact that I am still harvesting in mid-October.  

But do keep an eye out for old Jack Frost, I hear he is in the neighborhood!

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