Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Indoor Farming

Well, it is April 6th, and in north Idaho we are still waiting for spring.  Oh yeah, the usual signs are all around -- tulips are pushing up, grass greening up - but the temperature certainly is not up.  As eager as I am to get out there and do something in the yard, Mother Nature has kept me inside.

What's a urban farm girl to do?  Move the outside inside! Family-room turned Farm-room.  We are lucky to have a very large, south-facing window in our family/dining room and this local has been where I have been starting seeds for the last few years.  I started basil and tomatoes in early March and have been transplanting the starts to individual pots over the last week. 

Currently I have more than 50 tomato plants.  When the temperature is consistently above freezing at night, these will all be moved out to the covered beds outside; but for now, they are living in the warmth of the farm-room!   

And, what's a farm-room without livestock?  Not much, so last Saturday the 2nd Street Chicken Ranch added four new chicks to our flock.  After losing another girl in March, we decide we needed to restock the coop.  Our new chicks are Rhode Island Reds and Production Reds (a RIR and New Hampshire Red cross).   Of course these peeps are way to small to mix and mingle with the big girls, so they are living on the other side of the farm-room in their very own luxury condo.  They'll be hanging out in the house for another week or so then be relocated to the garage. 

It was a tough decision between going with 4 month old pullets and having eggs at the end of May; or fuzzy chicks to hand raise and get eggs in September. Since we still have two big girls, we went with chicks. 

Between hail storms I have managed to plant arugula, lettuce and radishes in one covered bed (they are popping up like mad) and onions and shallots in another bed (uncovered).  Still have lots to do...understatement with 50+ tomatoes staring back at me! 

Hope you have all wintered well!  Let me know what your 2011 garden plans are and how your livestock is doing!!


  1. What sweet new babies! What a lot of tomatoes! We're hoping warmer weather, or at least some sun, arrives soon too.

  2. Hi Guys, woke up this morning to a couple of inches of SNOW on the grass! Ugh - but that's spring here. Thanks for your comments. :)

  3. How cute! Can't wait to see them in person! :)

  4. Hi Candace,

    I think what you are doing is awesome. Do you know of any local (CDA area) poultry farmers where I could buy chickens (organic, free-range)? Also, does the CDA area have a Farm to Table Guide (or something similar).


  5. Hi - you should check out Palouse Pastured Poultry ( - they are located in Rosalia, WA and in addition to selling eggs, they also sell pullets (young chickens). For the Farm to Table guide, check out the Kootenai Co. Farmer's Market website: Links are also posted on my blog under Groovy Links! Thanks for reading! Candace


Thanks for reading and sharing your comments! Candace

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