Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Make Your Own Seed Tape From TP

Don't you just love a neat, tidy and evenly spaced row of vegetables in your garden?  Maybe, if I'm lucky, I can get a straight row, but the evenly spaced thing is another story.  Really, have you seen the size of carrot and lettuce seeds?  Once they leave the confines of that white envelope, it's any one's guess as to where they go in the row.  

And, I admit it - I am a terrible "thinner."  I should embrace the micro-greens/veggie trend; you know, where you eat the tiny little thinnings - this would make it easier for me to yank them out. 

I have discovered a simple and quick solution to both of these problems - make your own seed tape using toilet paper!  Really, think about it - it's biodegradable. I discovered this nifty idea at Garden Girl TV blog . 

Making your own seed tape is easy:

1.  Tear off 4 or 8 feet of TP (depending on how long your raised beds are).  Each TP square is 4 inches, so for a 4 foot row you need 12 squares.

2.  Cut the strip in half, so you now have two 4 foot lengths

3.  Make a simple paste of flour and water (about a teaspoon or so of each).  This will hold your seeds in place and seal the "tape" when you are done.

4.  Using a small paint brush or toothpick, dab a little paste at the required spacing for the veggie you are planting.

5.  Apply the seeds on the spot of paste.

6.  If needed, add a couple extra dabs of paste on the tape and fold over to seal.

7. Plant your tape!  The TP and paste are biodegradable and your seeds will be evenly spaced.  No thinning required!

I made a couple of seed tapes for carrots and lettuce is next.  Then I just need to get them in the ground! 

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